Recent publications

A list of recent projects led by the CSHE.

Research projects

A comprehensive list of research projects undertaken or led by the CSHE and links.


Issues & ideas in higher education

The CSHE conducts a fortnightly research and policy seminar in the series Ideas and Issues in Higher Education. These seminars are open to any member of the University and public and are designed to stimulate discussion and reflection in relation to higher education. Further reading...

Public Policy seminars

Commencing in 2007, University of Melbourne has hosted an annual series of high-profile public seminars on tertiary education public policy. These seminars have addressed contemporary national debates, and have provided a forum for leaders from across Australia's education and government sectors to discuss issues of national importance and interest. Seminar information...

Other major events

From time to time, the CSHE is host to other seminars and events. Also refer to Professional Development seminars/major events.

Research higher degrees

Research higher degree opportunities

Postgraduate research areas

The CSHE provides a fertile intellectual and collegial environment for higher degree research. As a leading research centre actively involved in all areas of higher education research and practice the CSHE attracts PhD, DEd and Masters students researching contemporary issues in higher education and tertiary education more broadly. Broad research areas include:

Course advice

If you are considering a higher degree under the supervision of Melbourne CSHE please contact:
Professor Richard James
Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education (Melbourne CSHE)

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education can answer enrollment questions for the DEd, MEd or PhD degrees.

Academic visitors

The CSHE hosts a number of academic visitors each year, coming from higher education institutions across the globe. A list of recent visitors and their institutions can be found below.

For more information on visiting the CSHE, please contact the relevant CSHE academic staff member in your area of interest. Contact details can be found on this site under 'People' of the CSHE.

International Study Programs

The CSHE conducts a range of international study programs for academic and institutional leaders, individually tailored to each visiting delegation. Through formats including seminars, lectures and workshops, participants learn from leading university academics, experts and administrators, across areas as diverse as strategic planning and quality assurance, teaching and learning, research and research development, and higher education policy. Programs are often jointly conducted with the LH Martin Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Management. For further information, please contact the Acting Director, Professor Richard James