The nature of higher education

National study of the work roles and attitudes of academics in Australian universities
Authors: Emmaline Bexley, Richard James and Sophie Arkoudis.
Date: 2010
Boundary making and strategy making in knowledge-forming organisations
Authors: Simon Marginson and Mark Considine (Melbourne)
Date: 2008-2010

Thematic review of tertiary education: The Netherlands, country note
Authors: Simon Marginson, Thomas Weko (OECD), Nicola Channon (UK), Terttu Luukkonen (Finland) and Jon Oberg (USA)
Date: 2006-2007

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The Enterprise University as Networked University: Investigating the contribution of Australian higher education institutions to social capital
Authors: Simon Marginson and Catherine Burnheim
Date: 2003-2007

Tertiary education and social capital in Victoria: the effects of the new economy courses in Business and IT
Authors: Simon Marginson & Leesa Wheelahan (Griffith)
Date: 2003-2005