The CSHE schedules regular seminars on key and topical issues relating to teaching and learning in higher education. These seminars are public events, and information on the upcoming events features on the CSHE homepage.

Higher Education Policy

Commencing in 2007, University of Melbourne has hosted an annual series of high-profile public seminars on tertiary education public policy. These seminars have addressed contemporary national debates, and have provided a forum for leaders from across Australia's education and government sectors to discuss issues of national importance and interest. Seminar information...


Innovations in teaching and learning

Seminar Series

The series has a strong focus on teaching and learning research and evaluation including case studies and empirical investigations of innovation in practice. Topics cover a broad range of teaching and learning innovations often focusing on the use of technology in higher education, but not exclusively so. The seminars are presented by a range of academics from both within the University and from other Australian and international universities. See upcoming seminars.


Issues & ideas in higher education

The CSHE conducts a fortnightly research and policy seminar in the series Ideas and Issues in Higher Education. These seminars are open to any member of the University and public and are designed to stimulate discussion and reflection in relation to higher education. See upcoming seminars.


Graduate research conference

Organised by students, for students, the CSHE Graduate Research Conference provides an opportunity for CSHE and LH Martin Institute students to hear about what others are working on, engage in discussions about critical issues in higher education research, and fine-tune their presentation skills in a conference-like setting.

The conference will be held each year, and it is expected that each student will present at the conference once every two years.

Please note that this conference is for Centre for the Study of Higher Education and LH Martin Institute for Tertiary Education Leadership and Management students only.

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Occasional Research and Policy Seminars

In addition to the regular fortnightly seminars on Ideas and Issues in Higher Education, the CSHE holds Occasional Research and Policy Seminars at varying times. Some of these seminars are led by international visitors at the CSHE. These seminars are open to any member of the University and public and are designed to stimulate discussion and reflection in relation to higher education, on a broad range of topics. The normal seminar format is a crisp presentation followed by discussion among those present. Further information...

Other major events

Also refer to Professional Development seminars/major events.


Capstone Experiences Forum 2012
Effective Integration of Capstone Experience across All Majors
10 December 2012


Creating new futures: High-speed broadband & higher education (invitation only)
27-28 September 2012
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The University of Melbourne's social inclusion forums (invitation only)


Provost's Summit

A joint initiative of the Office of the Provost and the CSHE, the Provost's Summit is an annual event focussed on a teaching and learning theme of contemporary importance to the University. This event is open to all University of Melbourne staff.

Provost's Summit 2013:
Designing teaching and learning experiences to enhance student engagement

Friday 19 July 2013
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Archive of previous years events:

2012 'What's the future of...?

2011 'Reshaping eLearning "Charting new courses with digital technologies"'

2010 'Making Melbourne's Graduate Education Distinctive'

2009 'Graduating the New Generation Degree students: the class of 2010'

2008 'Melbourne's international character: the next phase'

2007 'Curriculum development: the Melbourne Model'



Base Funding for Higher Education: Exploring the possibilites
30 April 2012
The Centre for the Study of Higher Education hosted a national seminar on the Base Funding Review for higher education. This one-day national seminar addresses these issues in light of the Lomax-Smith report as Government consults on its response in 2012.

This was a free event and members of the public were welcome to attend.
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Fostering Research into University Teaching (half day seminar)
8 November 2011
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National Summit on the Mental Health of Tertiary Students - 4&5 August 2011 (invitation only event)
This National Summit will assist the Australian tertiary sector to develop  improved policy and practical responses to the growing incidence of mental health difficulties and mental illness on campus.
A group of high-profile national experts will lead a critical analysis of the adequacy of present institutional policies and practices.  
Focussed workshops involving all Summit delegates will develop an agreed statement on the principles of good practice.