Innovations in Teaching and Learning

Seminar series

This series of seminars has a strong focus on teaching and learning research and evaluation including case studies and empirical investigations of innovation in practice. Topics cover a broad range of teaching and learning innovations often focusing on the use of technology in higher education, but not exclusively so. The seminars are presented by a range of academics from both within the University and from other Australian and international universities.

These seminars are open to any member of the University and public. They are designed to stimulate discussion and reflection around teaching and learning innovation in higher education. The seminar format includes plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Seminars run fortnightly on Wednesdays between 1pm – 2pm.

For queries regarding the Innovations in teaching & learning seminars, please contact Michelle van Kampen or call +61 3 9035 4673.

Jared Horvath

Pictured: Jared Horvath
Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne
Seminar: The Neuroscience of PowerPoint March 2015

Upcoming seminars

Innovation and the academic workforce

Wednesday, 2nd September, 2015

Babel-G03 (Lower Theatre)
Professor Richard James
Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic)
Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education
University of Melbourne

How are the structure and character of academic work roles and the academic workforce changing in Australia? Are innovative approaches to academic employment emerging to support the changing character of higher education? Worldwide there is speculation on the 'unbundling' of academic work and the need for differentiation in work roles, however the academic profession is slow to evolve. In the context of new pressures and priorities, including online teaching and learning and the imperative for universities to achieve greater industry and community engagement, this seminar will examine the possibilities for innovation in the structure, recognition and reward of academic roles and academic work.

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Is the lecture really dead?

Wednesday 16th September
BF room 207 Bouverie St-B120 (Theatre 2)

Presenter: Dr Deborah King, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne The lecture has attracted its fair share of bad press in recent times but, like Mark Twain, have reports of its death been greatly exaggerated? In this talk Deborah will present a maths-eye view of the lecture including how to manage subjects with large (~1000) enrolments and present SES data collected from her own subjects.

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The value of campus in a changing higher education environment

Wednesday 14th October
Babel-106 (Middle Theatre)

Dr Sarah French
, Project Manager, Melbourne CSHE

Professor Gregor Kennedy
Pro-Vice Chancellor (Educational Innovation)
Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education
University of Melbourne

The idea of ‘going to university’ is integrally tied to the concept of the university campus as a physical place. The campus provides students with the opportunity for social and intellectual engagement with a scholarly community and gives meaning to the learning experience. However, in the twenty first century, a series of changes to the educational environment have impacted upon the ways in which students engage with the campus, prompting universities to look at the role of the physical campus afresh. This presentation considers the role that space and place play in higher education and identifies some of the key benefits of campus-based learning. It traces the history of the university campus and examines the ways in which shifts in student participation, educational philosophies, learning space design and the channels of delivery have redefined the campus experience. The seminar aims to stimulate discussion on the role that the physical campus will play in the future of higher education and how the value of the campus experience might be preserved and strengthened.

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Videos and information on past seminars

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Michael Henderson

Pictured: Dr Michael Henderson
Senior Lecturer in ICT in Education, Faculty of Education, Monash University
Conditions for success: Technology Enhanced Learning - March 2015