Innovations in Teaching and Learning

Seminar series

This series of seminars has a strong focus on teaching and learning research and evaluation including case studies and empirical investigations of innovation in practice. Topics cover a broad range of teaching and learning innovations often focusing on the use of technology in higher education, but not exclusively so. The seminars are presented by a range of academics from both within the University and from other Australian and international universities.

These seminars are open to any member of the University and public. They are designed to stimulate discussion and reflection around teaching and learning innovation in higher education. The seminar format includes plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Seminars run fortnightly on Wednesdays between 1pm – 2pm.

For queries regarding the Innovations in teaching & learning seminars, please contact Michelle van Kampen or call +61 3 9035 4673.

Jared Horvath

Pictured: Jared Horvath
Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne
Seminar: The Neuroscience of PowerPoint March 2015

Upcoming seminars

Rethinking online learning: Melding the best of teaching, television, and testing

Wednesday 15 April 2015 1-2pm
Barbara Falk Room, Melbourne CSHE. Level 1, 715 Swanston St, Carlton (Melbourne)

Professor Samuel D. Gosling & Professor James W. Pennebaker, Department of Psychology, University of Texas, Austin, USA

To be presented by Professor Gosling.

We teach a Synchronous Massive Online Course (or SMOC), broadcasts live to about 2000 students. With daily quizzes and a television show format, we find that absentee rates are low, test performance high, study habits greatly improved, with large drops in achievement gaps between rich and poor students. The synchronous broadcast model offers a number benefits including facilitating interactive elements and addressing concerns about cheating. Many challenges remain but our experiences (and data) suggest that large online classes taught using this format have great potential.

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Making better use of the LMS to reduce 'busy-work' while improving teaching and learning: a case for online quizzes

Wednesday 29 April 2015 1-2pm
Barbara Falk Room, Melbourne CSHE. Level 1, 715 Swanston St, Carlton (Melbourne)

Dr Brian Cook, School of Land and Environment, University of Melbourne

In this talk, Dr. Brian Cook from the school of Geography, will recount his experiences using the LMS to deliver online quizzes to a large, 3rd-year subject. The work was funded by a Learning and Teaching Initiative grant, which explored whether online quizzes could be used to improve classroom participation, satisfy student expectations, and shorten the teaching-feedback loop, all while reducing academic workload? This talk will review the development, implementation, refinement, and results from the project. It will also provide advice pertaining to the upcoming 2015 Teaching and Learning funding opportunities, in which the quizzes will be an option for Repurposing past eLearning projects.

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Videos and information on past seminars

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Michael Henderson

Pictured: Dr Michael Henderson,
Senior Lecturer in ICT in Education, Faculty of Education, Monash University
Conditions for success: Technology Enhanced Learning - March 2015